Day 4, Teton Range, Snake River

We had some time before the floating tour folks picked us up at 11, so Sarah and I went on a drive to get some pictures of Tetons.  We drove up highway 89 and stopped off at various vista points to take pictures, including the famous Snake River overview shot.  Lots of nice folks offered to take pictures of us.

Mark and Dave from Teton Scenic Tours showed up promptly at 11, towing a raft behind their minivan.  They drove us to a launch point where Highway 22 crosses the Snake River.

It was just us on the raft and Dave was a multi-tasking and entertaining guide.  He could paddle and guide the raft, tell us stories and point out scenery, and served snacks and lunch at same time.  Not many people on the river – maybe mid-day – except for a group of boy scouts and their canoes.  Had a fabulous time floating down the river. It was very scenic down at the water with the Tetons in the background.  Two hours later, Mark then picked us up where Snake River crosses Highway 89.

Back to Flat Creek Inn where we rested for an hour, and then we headed over to Jenny Lake Visitor Center.  It has been updated since my last visit, or so it seems, and we enjoyed the movie, especially how it ends with the curtains opening to a live view of the Tetons.  It was getting a little late in the day, and since this was our last day in Jackson, we drove south to downtown Jackson and spent the evening shopping at the stores.
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