Day 6, Lamar Valley, Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone

Woke up to the sound of Yellowstone River flowing outside this morning.  After a terrific breakfast at the Yellowstone Mine Restaurant, we headed back into the park and went east towards Lamar Valley.  Aside from Hayden Valley, Lamar Valley is supposed to be one of the places to see animals. Though we didn’t arrive at the valley until about 10 am.

We spent a few hours there, stopping from time to time and going on some short hikes from the vista points.  Got a lot of good pictures buffalos and antelopes.

In the afternoon, we went to check out the Grand Canyons of the Yellowstone.  There were lots of cars, as usual.  Surprisingly, that took up pretty much the entire afternoon.  On the way back to Gardner, we encountered a herd of big horned sheep a few miles south of the park entrance.

We also stopped at “Boiling River”, the only place in Yellowstone where you can legally get into a hot spring.  There is where the hot water from the spring gets mixed with the cold water from Gardner River and so you end up with a pretty comfortable pool.

IMG_1458 IMG_7653


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