Day 8, Home Sweet Home!

We returned the minivan in morning and caught flight back home via LAX.  Arrived home just in time to catch the commute and remind us that we are indeed back home.

It was a terrific family vacation – this is the first time we took a vacation that didn’t involve driving somewhere from home, although we did put about 1200 miles on the car during that one week.  I think we spent about the right amount of time at the park.  We were able to see pretty much most of the attractions.  The family loved the water activities and seeing the animals in the wild.  Personally, I enjoyed the scenic views the most – it feels good to be out in nature.  Our stop at the campground at Madison Junction turned out to be one of the more scenic spots we visited – I’m willing to bet there are many more of these hidden treasures waiting to be uncovered.  I will try to return sometime in the winter to see what this place is like.  And perhaps make it to Lamar Valley in the morning to see wolves.


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