Weekend at Seascape Resort

We spent the weekend at Seascape Beach Resort with Nancy, Maroo, and Alex.  I had stayed here a couple of days earlier in the summer for a company event and really enjoyed it.  It was a bit of a bummer being cooped up inside during the day for business meetings in such a wonderful surrounding, so we thought it would be fun to spend a weekend here with family and friends.

We rented a two bedroom villa for the two families and it worked out beautifully.  The kids enjoyed playing together and we had two relaxing days at the beach.  We even had our own little beach fire where we roasted marshmellows, sausages, and all sorts of other goodies!



The beach here was full of baby dungeness crabs and sand dollars!  The kids scooped up some crabs and we hosted them in a bucket watching them play before releasing them back into the ocean.

[youtube id=”4bue2weoLqs” width=”600″ height=”350″]

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